Southern Illinois Truck Pullers
2018 Rules
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Street Diesel Rules:
Street Diesel Trucks
General rules apply to this class
1. The vehicle may be 2 or 4-wheel drive.
2. Truck weight is 8500 lbs. Weight can be added, but must be behind firewall and in a safe manner. No front hanging weights.
3. No weighted bumpers.
4. Pull from reese hitch or bumper. Hook point must be no less than 42” from rear axle.
5. Must have OEM stock driveline found on 1 ton or smaller trucks. OEM chassis, brakes, and body are also mandatory. Flatbeds are OK but must be a factory manufactured bed.
6. Hitch height: 26” for 4-wheel drives, 28” for 2-wheel drives.
7. Exhaust must exit rearward of drivers compartment. Hood stacks are prohibited.
8. The engine shall be a stock appearing diesel engine and must have been an option on a 1 ton or smaller truck. Engine must be mounted in factory location.
9. Fuel must be #1 or #2 diesel only. No injectables permitted.
10. Injection pump is limited to stock appearing OEM pumps. No dual pumps.
11. Turbos are limited to a single T3, T4 base S300 charger or equivalent with a 2.6" inducer bore limit. They will be checked with a 2.65" plug. Ford Powerstrokes may utilize factory compound turbo configuration.
12. Factory dual wheels allowed.
13. Chips and tuners are allowed.
14. All trucks must be street legal and have license and insurance to hook.
15. Bars and blocks are allowed.
16. Must have full functioning interior and lights.
17. All trucks must have driveshaft loops and u-joint shield around rear u-joint. Front shaft u-joints that are visible from side must also be shielded.
18. DOT approved tires with 35 inch max height.
19. Judges decisions are final.
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