Southern Illinois Truck Pullers
2020 Rules

Stock Gas Rules:
1. Read General Rules First
2. $25 pump fee, all trucks must be certified, 1 grace hook allowed for new trucks as long as truck
meets all rules.
3. 472 cubic inch limit
4. Stamped DOT approved 35x12.50 Max tire size
5. SFI blow proof bellhousings or SFI approved blankets with single disc clutch
6. Must have stock rotating assembly
7. No roller camshafts but roller rockers are ok.
8. Cast iron heads, intake, and exhaust manifolds must be used. Must have factory OEM part number on them. No headers or aftermarket intakes. Must be cast in and cast out
9. No electric water pumps, Electric fans OK
10. No Bigger than MSD 6AL ignition with rev. limiter, Any Distributer OK
11. 4150 flange carburetor only. No Fuel injection.
12. Must pull 15 inches of vacuum at 1,000 rpm. No vacuum pumps, Trucks will be checked before
hooking. If truck does not pass it may pull Exhibition only for that hook and then not allowed to
pull again until truck passes. Under hood inspection can be done at any time.
13. Fuel: No Alcohol, or methane based fuels, or nitrous. Race gas OK
14. Hitch Height 26” for 4WD and (27” for 2WD for 1 year trial)
15. Hitch must be reese style hitch mounted no higher than the top of the frame and nothing forward of the axle and parallel to the ground. Hook point must be no less than 42” from center of rear axle. Hook opening should measure 3”x3 ½”
16. 6,500 pounds max weight with weights secured in bed only, no loaded bumpers, frames, or
bumpers with aftermarket accessories (winches, push bars, light bars, etc.)
17. Truck body must match frame full-size to full-size, Mid-size to Mid-Size
18. Blocks and Bars Allowed
Stock Board members: Joe Holman, Adam Pike, Nick Moeller
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