Southern Illinois Truck Pullers
2018 Rules

Jeff Cowman: 618-354-0404
Adam Pike: 217-343-0281
Modified Gas Rules:
Modified Gas Only 4x4 Trucks 6,500 & 7,200 lb.
General Rules apply to this class.
1. 540 C.I. + 1% limit on block with aftermarket block OK. $25 certification and pump fee. All trucks will be pump tested, heads checked, and entire truck teched. Then motors will be sealed up. Must be done before you are allowed to pull. Underhood inspection can be done at anytime.
2. Engine must be NO further forward than 12” from back of block to the center of front axle.
3. Hitch height: 26” mounted rigid, No floating Hitches, NO mid mount hitches, NO hook points forward from center of the rear axle, NO higher than 2” above frame rail. Hooking point must be no less than 42” from center of the rear axle.
4. DOT approved tires 35” max height with 18” max diameter Rim Limit, No cut or Sharpened Tires. Rear Tires must track at least half of front tires. NO Dual Wheels allowed
5. 133” Wheelbase may have front weights 60” or less from center of the front axle to the furthest object in front of the truck.
6. OEM stock 1 Ton or less drivetrain, OEM Frame
7. Must have functioning brake system.
8. NO Aluminum Heads-Cast Iron Heads Only. NO side exit exhaust
9. Aluminum Intake allowed NO external Modifications allowed on Intake or NO Tunnel Ram Intakes.
10. NO Alcohol, Nitrous, or Methane based fuels allowed. Single Carburetor only.
11. Trucks must be 4WD and must pull in 4WD
12. All trucks must have safety chains and loops around driveshafts, Driveshaft shield around the rear U Joint and front shaft/front U Joint. It must be 4” from center of U Joint both ways, made from 1/8” thick steel and can be bolted together by 3/8” bolts. Shield can be maximum 4” larger than diameter of driveshaft.
13. S.F.I. approved Scatter blanket or S.F.I. approved blow proof bell housings, S.F.I. approved Steel Flywheels and kill switches mandatory must be near hook point at rear of truck, Must have accessible fire extinguisher for the driver.
14. Cutting and gutting bed allowed but bed must be covered by Tonneau Cover or Bed Liner. Full size flat beds are allowed, Only manufactured flat beds will be accepted.
15. NO WHINING - Judges decisions final and take precedent over printed material. All trucks must follow all rules before being allowed to pull.
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